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Jubilee Royalty

The Watermelon Jubilee has two sets of royalty. Queen Melone and her court is more formal while the Rodeo Queen and her court have a western theme. The coronation of Queen Melone dates back to 1937 and the Rodeo Queen dates back to 1962. Both courts represent Stockdale at various parades and other events. Contact court members to purchase Pre-Sale Jubilee tickets.

2024 Jubilee Royalty
Jubilee Court
Rodeo Court
Queen Melone Candidate  
Allison Humphries
Jubilee Princess Candidate
Maria Contreras

Little Miss Stockdale Candidate
Roxzan Legard

Miss Rodeo Stockdale Candidate 
Claire Reger

Little Miss Rodeo Candidate 
Dannii Reger

Little Mr. Rodeo Candidate
Jagger Bass

Past Jubilee Queens             Past Rodeo Queens

Last updated May 2024
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